Going Circular, Going Cellulose

Going Circular, Going Cellulose is a design research project in which Hellen van Rees works together with the Saxion research group Smart Functional materials, the ArtEZ Fashion Professorship and various projectpartners in the textile and clothing chain.

Going Circular, Going Cellulose investigates what effective development methods are within a circular supply chain. In this research we use an interactive co-creation process to adapt the technical design of yarns (based on sustainable cellulose fibers) and fabrics (functionality of the sustainable materials). The aim is to make it meet the wishes and requirements of designers of textile endproducts. The designers, one of which is Hellen an Rees, play an important role in making the sustainable products widely accessible due to the aesthetic design of the products. In addition, it is of great importance for designers to develop more technical material knowledge and to be involved in material development at an early stage; this is essential for an actual circular design process.

Through mutual interaction between all stakeholders in the supply chain, the technical design can strengthen the aesthetic design and vice versa. The research will focus on how the stakeholders in the circular supply chain must work together and what knowledge they need to exchange in order to actually realize this synergy.

The project runs until early 2020, first results can be expected in the fall of 2019.