At Hellen van Rees we’re always working on several (research) projects that complement our design practice. These projects add extra value to our work because they are often formed by team/consortium members from different fields. Sharing insights, working together to solve problems in various fields is very enriching to our studio.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more about the projects we’re involved in and/or would like to collaborate!

Our Projects

Wearable Breathing Trainer

Crossdisciplinary project for children with asthma & breathing disorders. Hellen van Rees is responsible for the design of the wearable.

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Going Circular, Going Cellulose

Design research into the textile production chain to create proposals for a transition from a linear to a circular chain.

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Sustainable Thinking

Hellen van Rees was commissioned to create a special outfit within this theme for the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence.

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Textile Reflexes

Crossdisciplinary project with the aim to create a haptic feedback by robotic textiles resulting in a prototype wearable to correct posture.

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Textile Festival Twente

Eight local museums initiated the Textile Festival Twente, to celebrate the historic significance of textile for the region. Hellen was asked to be the curator of the festival.

Oyfo Installation

Hellen developed an interactive installation in the Oyfo museum in Hengelo, featuring a part of the museums historic collection and a link to the future.