We are happy to announce that Hellen van Rees’ garments are now featured in Copenhagen’s The Library!

With the more and more emerging trend of slow fashion, Copenhagen has a new store with a lovely and unique concept that is hitting the imaginary sustainable nail on the head. The Library introduces new innovative fashion to Denmark’s capital with a great selection of ethical aware designers, such as Eline van Ree, Kay Wong, Huang Damur and of course Hellen van Rees. They really show that sustainable fashion has no limits in being elegant, unique and luxurious.

As we all know luxury and quality comes with a certain price tag not everybody is able to afford. But all people with a tiny budget don’t be sad – there is something more to the story. The Library is not your everyday seller of luxury clothing, but they offer you to rent their careful collection of garments. It is just like a library full of beautiful clothing! By renting your clothes you always have a great selection of different pieces to choose from and in addition you help to reduce waste in the fashion and textile industry!

We’ll hope you check out The Library’s website and Instagram to read all about this enchanting new store and about all the featured designers. We are in love with it already!