Vegan Fashion Show in London

On August 16th the first ever vegan fashion show in London will take place. The show is styled by the lovely Rebekah Roy, who actuallly was the stylist of Hellens first independent show at London Fashion Week, at Fashion Scout back in 2012!

The vegan fashion show, Bare Fashion, is initiated by the magazine Vegan Food & Living and they teamed up with the fabulous show producer John Walford, and the equally fabulous stylist Rebekah Roy.

The show will feature garments by Hellen van Rees next to clothing lines from vegan, sustainable and ethical brands from the UK and beyond, alongside a range of other vegan items, such as beauty products.

Location: Boiler House Room in London, on Thursday the 16th August, the event hopes to raise the profile of the vegan and cruelty-free fashion and beauty market in a fun, exciting and ethically rewarding evening.

More info and tickets can be found HERE