Twentse Welle / HvR: “The dream of flight”

Even during this busy time there is some time left for exciting little side projects. Last week we finished a project for Museum Twentse Welle. Sparkly new shirts and jumpers for their staff to celebrate the new exhibition about flying.

“The dream of flight” is about how birds stay aloft, seemingly with the greatest of ease, ferried by the wind. How caterpillars take to the air by metamorphosing into butterflies with beautiful wings, and how sycamore seeds turn into helicopters and fly away. You’ll also learn about man’s centuries-old dream of freeing himself from the Earth’s shackles and soaring under his own power, from Leonardo’s sketches to balloons, airships and modern-day drones. And you’ll see how artists have captured this dream in pictures.

A photograph of Otto Lilienthal with his glider served as an inspiration for the print on the shirts and jumpers. Navy and gold colours are reminiscent of pilots and flight attendant uniforms and pins. Of course we can’t miss a little starry sky/glitter silicone print to accentuate the element of flight.

We’d love to see you visit “The dream of flight” and get inspired by all the different exhibits and work stations!