The inspiration behind Sustainable Thinking

As part of the exhibition at the Museum Salvatore Ferragamo, we’ve designed a beautiful and unique piece. A while ago we were asked to design a creation with regard to sustainable thinking. To give you an idea of the design process, inspirations and the underlying meaning we would like to tell you some more.

It all started with flaws, mistakes, errors, in the industry, causing waste, further pressuring the environment. Flaws in textile, that is then usually discarded. What if these flaws are re-evaluated? If they can be turned from a negative into a positive. We wanted to celebrate these flaws and empathize on the beauty in them. They are in fact an irregularity, meaning they are more unique, less generic. Isn’t that what we are all looking for?

Starting from the shape changing textile and signature style ‘tweed’ we’ve used in earlier work, then taking inspiration from drawings by Escher and a swatch with a weaving flaw in it the process began.

The textile with a weaving fault shows in a part less yarns per cm2 of the dark warp, leaving part of the white weft exposed.

We wanted to magnify this effect, showing the beauty in it, placing it prominently in a circular shape in a similarly circular shaped skirt.

To see the following design and development steps, please be patient and wait for our next reveal!