Textile Reflexes prototype presentation

Fair FashionTech

See the prototype for the hi-tech robot vest for posture correction in action, and discuss the future of wearable technology and innovative textiles. Join us for the event Fair FashionTech at DesignLab University of Twente!

Interested in the latest developments in wearable technology and innovative textiles? Do you want to contribute to the ongoing discussion of how a sustainable future for the field should look?

On Thursday February 8, we will celebrate the presentation of the Textile Reflexes prototype. This fascinating hi–tech robot vest for posture correction is developed by Hellen van Rees (Fashion Designer), Angelika Mader (University of Twente) and Geke Ludden (University of Twente).

Several Dutch initiatives within the EU project WEAR SUSTAIN will present their latest project developments. Following the presentations, we will discuss how a sustainable future for the field should look with a panel of international experts. We look forward to exchanging inspiring ideas with you!

The event is free to join, but please register in advance if you’d like to join, HERE.

Please join us for drinks after the event, and expand your network.