Textile Reflexes presentations in June

June will be a busy month with several presentations of the Textile Reflexes project. The project is a collaboration between Hellen van Rees and Designlab, University of Twente, with researchers Angelika Mader and Geke Ludden. Together they created a prototype wearable that can coach users to improve their posture.


In June we’ll present our ideas at the following events:

June 1st –  Health by Tech – Enchede, The Netherlands

June 7th – Going Digital 2018 – Belgrade, Sebia

June 25-28th – DRS 2018 – Limerick, Ireland

For more information about the project and or presentations, please get in touch with us through info@hellenavnrees.com


The Textile Reflexes project was made possible by the following parties:

WearSustain, European Union H2020 programme, Designlab University of Twente and Hellen van Rees