Textile Reflexes at Dutch Design Week

The Textile Reflexes project is at the Dutch Design Week! We will be at the Do (not) Feed the Makers expo at Sectie C. During this week we are sharing a space with other wearable tech projects that are currently in progress. The interesting part is that we want your feedback! Our project is now being realized and we’d like to hear your thoughts and experience with posture problems and maybe even posture correction! So stop by, also if you just like to have look!

The Textile Reflexes project is a collaboration between the Designlab of University of Twente and Hellen van Rees. The goal is to create a robotic textile that initially will be applied in a vest that will train users to improve their posture. The project is funded through WEAR Sustain, an initiative to support pioneers in Wearable Technology who work with sustainability in mind.