Refreshing the webshop!

The last few months we have been working on shooting pictures to amp up the webshop! We’re making new photo’s of all the garments, a huge job! On January 1st, the new pictures will be up on the website! Here’s already a sneak peek at what the new pictures look like!

Instead of showing you the clothing on a ‘human’ model we decided to change it up by showing you the clothing on a mannequin. The reason we wanted to do it this way is to give it more of an atelier feeling. We also want the focus to be on the unique clothing pieces and less on the type of model wearing it. This way it’s more open to your interpretation of how it would look on you specifically. For all the work involved a big thanks to Veerle, Natascha & Loes 🙂

Because it is quite a bit of work, not all the pieces are going to be on the website right away. They will be added gradually.

If a specific piece you had your eye on is not on the website anymore, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is out of the collection. You can contact us on our customer service so we can check the possibilities.

Let us know what you think of it & have a happy new year!