Publication in ‘Nonwoven’

The Dutch “Textile Committee,” a non-profit organisation aiming to collect and spread knowledge on contemporary and historical textiles, published the 10th edition of “Studies in Textiel.” The book is a collection of articles on the theme ‘Nonwoven’ as a result of their symposium that took place earlier, with the same theme.

Hellen van Rees gave a talk on the process behind her signature tweed-like nonwovens, how the idea came about, and all the steps taken in the development towards her first collection featuring this material and some developments thereafter. The article following the talk focusses on the development process only and features many photos of it as well. The editors kindly also placed the resulting textile and collection on the cover of this publication that also features very interesting work from other designers, conservers and restorers of textiles. It is available, in Dutch, through the website of the Textile Committee: HERE