Nomination Klokhuis Science Prize

The Wearable Breathing Trainer, Brish, is nominated for the Klokhuis Science prize. The initiative by the popular Dutch childrens TV programme puts research projects in the spotlight, that are particularly interesting for their target audience.

The Brish shirt is a smart wearable for children who have troubles with breathing, such as asthma and other types of dysfunctional breathing. When children are diagnosed with breathing problems, the pediatric physiotherapist provides breathing exercises for children to do at home. However, they often don’t do them and they don’t progress in the therapy as well they could. BRISH helps with that. BRISH monitors the child’s breathing using sensors on their chest and stomach. It directly gives them feedback to stimulate the correct breathing pattern. They get haptic feedback in the form of vibrations and the garment has lights, which light up as a sort of reward system. The better the children do, the more lights they get. They can use the lights in a mobile game that is connected to the garment. This motivates them to keep using the trainer.

The Project is a collaboration between researchers at University of Twente, Saxion UAS, MST hospital and Hellen van Rees.

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