New Stockist: LIVStores

We’re happy to announce a new stockist and at the same time our first stockist in the Netherlands: LIVStores

LIV Stores is a welcoming, warm and intimate boutique in Zwolle, a relatively small city in the east-part of The Netherlands. Also it’s the first store in Hellen van Rees’ home country to stock her pieces!

When walking into the store you immediately notice the dynamic mix of brands and products. That’s what Marjan, the owner, does best: creating and presenting a wide range of products from small brands & designers with a story. She helps each client individually, getting to know their style and wishes. Then mixing and matching the different brands and thus creating a personalized offering to match the client’s desires.

There’s a strong focus on sustainability and ethical design, next to innovation and exclusivity. Small brands that offer handmade items, sometimes only a few have been made of each garment. With products ranging from fashion to accessories, to interior or ceramics, there’s always something to surprise you.

liv stores int

We hope you’ll check out their Facebook Page and visit their Website to see more.

LIVStores is located in Zwolle, Sassenstraat 21.