New Atelier!

Hi there!

We have had a rough month behind us; we moved the atelier! We are now located in Enschede, a town in the east part of the Netherlands.

Enschede is well known as textile city, with its rich history as textile manufacturers. The new atelier is settled in an old Crafts school, the building now is claimed as a monument.

It is a huge building near the centrum of Enschede. We now have an even bigger space as we used to have in the previous atelier in Hengelo.

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The building is build between 1922 and 1923 designed by architect Arend G. Beltman. It has huge wall paintings and stained glass windows. They are making us feel like we’re walking in a museum!

The wall painting says translated in English “Who Wants Will Succeed”, such a motivating quote for a school!


Hellen moved all the stuff that is set-up in the atelier in one weekend to the new location with 2 buses. Now we’re all set, with everything in a good place and made the atelier work-proof.

We are very happy with the new space, it feels like a new beginning!

We are also very excited for the new collection, which is now nearly finished. As usual with a unique use of fabrics and the original tweed! We hope you are just as excited as we are. We’ll reveal the collection next month!

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