Knitwear production

Every month we give you an update and a little more insight on what’s going on inside the Hellen van Rees atelier.

The autumn has officially begun! We are working on the production of SS16. It’s the first collection that has knitwear in it and the knitted pieces have been a favorite among buyers, so we started production with these items.

The process of creating the hand-knitted items is something that takes lots of hours of work! Hellen knits the panels herself with a hand-knitting machine. She creates the stripes by adding different colours of the yarns at irregular intervals; it becomes a more special piece of clothing. The texture is created by a zigzag way of knitting by moving the front kitting bed in a different position every 2 turns. Hellen added a metallic yarn for that extra touch of glam!

Below you see the images of the hand-knitted top with the silicone trim and a close-up from the texture.


Creating the knitwear is a special process,  and now we’re creating the silicone texture that form the trims, which take a lot of time to dry each time it’s applied. The process includes many steps and hours to let the trim dry. Each knitted item, tops, skirts or dresses has a trim with silicone. Also when the trims of the items are made of silicone, the item has a more unique and unexpected look!

We apply the silicone on top of the pattern and we let it dry with the knitted panel. In steps we attach the finished panels to each other.


Afterwards we attach the soft organic cotton jersey lining by hand. At the top of this post you see the final result on the model! The top and the skirt fit nicely and because of the soft and flexible yarns, it also has a lot of comfort while wearing it while looking sophisticated and unique!

Next month we’ll give you a sneak preview of the new collection we’re in the middle of creating for AW16!

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