How To Wear: Aron Skirt

Each month we highlight a product from our shop, suggesting 3 different ways to style the garment for different occasions. This month it is the long Aron skirt from the AW16 collection. And you all know: Winter is coming! Brace yourselves!


Classy and sophisticated is always a look to go for if things get a little bit more formal. The A-line of the Aron skirt is a great way to add some timeless chic to your outfit. Style it with a feminine high-neck sweater, some elegant heels and of course a romantic roomy bag for all your notes and everything else a modern businesswoman needs.


Stroll and explore the city in this ultra cosy and warm ensemble. The organic wool in Hellen van Rees’ Aron skirt will keep you warm even on the coldest winter days. Wear it with a super comfy padded coat and some sneakers that will keep you going the whole day. Add some colourful socks and a big comfy scarf for bringing some playful colour to the grey winter tones. With Hellen’s oversized Marill scarf you can even keep your friends warm too.


If you fancy a night out with your friends, having some drinks and looking super edgy – black is the colour to go for. A black leather jacket plays off on the trimmed silicone panels on Hellen van Rees’ Aron skirt and gives you that sharp rocker vibe. Heeled leather boots keep you warm and rocking stylish at the same time. Just top it off with Hellen van Rees’ Ditto clutch bag for a little splash of colour and you will be winter’s badass fashionista.

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