Hellen van Rees at the exhibition Sustainable Thinking

For the Sustainable Thinking exhibition at the Museum Salvatore Ferragamo we were asked to design a creation with regard to sustainable thinking. The Museum has joined forces for the occasion with the Italian Vogue and Fashion Revolution. These have made a selection of the most progressive fashion designers and artists around the world and asked them to translate their vision of sustainability into a creation.

Salvatore Ferragamo with his pioneering spirit was revolutionary in sourcing and using natural and recycled materials. For this exhibition we’ve ask ourselves the questions “What are the textile flaws in the textile industry causing waste and what if these flaws are re-evaluated? Could they be turned from a negative into a positive?”. Regarding these questions, we’ve started our design process to celebrate flaws in textile and use it as a design element. We wanted to use discarded materials, post-consumer textile waste that is made into a new textile.

The exhibition will be open from 12 April 2019 to 8 March 2020 in Florence, Italy. For more information about the process and behind the scenes you can keep an eye on our social media and website. Stay tuned!