Exhibit at Museum Oyfo

Slowly we’re getting back to a more normal life, we can eat out, have small parties and museums are also starting to open their doors. While all was closed we’ve been working on an exhibit at the Oyfo Museum in Hengelo based on their textile industry collection. The museum recently re-opened premiering this work! The exhibit shows a selection of the museums collection of ‘Hengelose Trijp,’ a type of velvet that was pressed, showing various dessins. The original press and dessin rolls are also on display, after having been used in the factory that used to produce these internationally renowned textiles, just around the corner. The most iconic dessin, ‘The Sunflower’ is the star of the exhibit. We digitalized it, and it’s visible on the windows, as a sticker, and part of an interactive section of the exhibit. The dessin is printed on a substrate that is used as a template that the visitors can draw on with 3D pens. By slowly filling the dessin, a collaborative work emerges that will gradually fill a wall panel with sunflowers. The wall panel matches the next section, that is inspired by the (historic) textile industry, which also forms a large part of the museums’ collection. Looms, kalanders and yarn guides. The result is a coordinated structure of cones of recycled yarns, selected with help of Enschede Textielstad. The yarns are running through guides in various directions to finally come together in one large panel over the length of the wall. The exhibit thus connects various subjects of the textile-related part of the museums’ collection and involves the visitors. This way the exhibit is not just a static thing to look at, but a gradually evolving set-up.