Coming up: Showroom at Greenstyle Munich

DUTCH FASHION + DESIGN will be a special presentation of the most innovative Dutch designers who also have a focus on sustainability at the Greenstyle Fair in Munich. We’re very happy to announce Hellen van Rees is part of this selection. The showcase is a continuation of the collaboration between the regions of Amsterdam/Utrecht and Munich, who also organised a pop up shop in the Pinakothek in Munich a few Months ago. At this exhibition the items are also for sale.

The Greenstyle fair is a 3 day event held form 19-21 October in the Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany. It’s open for both professional and general public. The fair shows a wide range of designs, all suitable for the conscious, modern consumer.

Other featured designers at the Dutch Fashion + Design exhibition include: Elsien Gringhuis, Maium and The Fabricant. Next to the exhibition there’s a network event ‘Meet the Dutch’ and from State of Fashion, an international edition of the ‘Whataboutery’ series of talks and conversations.

More info on all events and exhibitions at Greenstyle: HERE