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New pieces added to the collection!

There are new items added to the collection! They feature many new, but also recognizable material manipulations and styles. Most notably there are items that feature textile strips in many colours, they are saved scraps from collections over the past 10 years. They are made into flamboyant coats, elegant dresses, skirts and some more casual […]

Interview at Museumfabriek

On saturday evening the 6th of november Hellen will be a guest at the Museumfabriek in Enschede. It’s “museumnacht” or late opening, at 9 cultural institutes in Enschede. All locations have a full programme starting at 19:00h until 0:00h. One of the Museums, “De Museumfabriek,” is focussing their evening on the Textiel Festival Twente, that […]

Nomination Klokhuis Science Prize

The Wearable Breathing Trainer, Brish, is nominated for the Klokhuis Science prize. The initiative by the popular Dutch childrens TV programme puts research projects in the spotlight, that are particularly interesting for their target audience. The Brish shirt is a smart wearable for children who have troubles with breathing, such as asthma and other types […]

Article in Futures Magazine

Futures is the new magazine by the Designlab of the University of Twente (UT). Hellen van Rees has collaborated with the UT through the Designlab in several projects and presented her work on a number of occasions. To highlight the special position and role of the Designlab and the many interesting projects, they’ve published the […]

Keynote at EuroHaptics Conference

From September 6-9 the EuroHaptics conference will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands. Eurohaptics is a major international conference on haptics and touch enabled computer applications, and the primary European meeting for researchers in this field. Hellen was approached for a keynote talk at this conference. Keynote Title : Textiles as a medium for haptics […]

Dutch Design Week

Yes, it’s that time of year again, lots of presentations coming up, including the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven! Hellen van Rees’ work is present at two locations. A selection of the collection is on display at the brand new fashiontech hotspot in Eindhoven, the Fashiontech Farm. It is an initiative by Marina Toeters, owner […]

Exhibition during Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

On October 4th the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week will start, also in Enschede, The Netherlands! Part of this, is a pop up exhibition in the city centre where Hellen van Rees will show part of her work along with five other designers, Paul Kruize, Annemieke Koster of Enschede Textielstad, Jasmijn Miltenburg, Danya Weevers and Anna […]