Best Tech Idea 2018

The Textile Reflexes vest has been nominated by Dutch tech magazine ‘Kijk’ for best tech idea of 2018! There is a public vote, so help this reach #1 by voting for the ‘Corrigerend Robotvest’ Project Hellen van Rees did at the Designlab of theĀ  University of Twente with researchers Geke Ludden & Angelika Mader. To realize this project we received support from EU Horizon2020 project Wearsustain.

You van vote HERE

Textile Reflexes is a project where shape changing sustainable textiles are developed to give feedback to users and applied in coaching situations. The first working prototype of this project is a posture correction coach. The vest can be worn over regular garments and it measures when the user has an incorrect posture. It then pulls the flexible panel of squares at the back to subtly remind the user to sit back upright.