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Hellen van Rees at Dutch Design Week

It’s October, which means, Dutch Design Week. This huge event takes place each year in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and shows the most cutting edge design projects in the broadest sense of the word. This year we’re joining the Fashion? Future Design for the Present exhibition, organised by Marina Toeters of By-Wire. The exhibition explores and […]

Coming up: Showroom at Greenstyle Munich

DUTCH FASHION + DESIGN will be a special presentation of the most innovative Dutch designers who also have a focus on sustainability at the Greenstyle Fair in Munich. We’re very happy to announce Hellen van Rees is part of this selection. The showcase is a continuation of the collaboration between the regions of Amsterdam/Utrecht and […]

Meeting with King Willem Alexander at ‘De Maatschappij’ Congress

Last week Hellen van Rees had the honour to meet the Dutch King Willem Alexander at the yearly congress of the foundation ‘De Maatschappij.’ The congress was staged around the theme ‘150 Years of Technology in Twente.’ Since textile is a huge part of this regions history (and we believe future also) the focus was […]

Upcoming Paris Fashion Week presentation at Tranoï

It’s fashion week season again and we’re busy preparing our collection in the atelier for a presentation at Tranoï during Paris Fashion Week! Hellen van Rees will be part of a joint exhibition by Dutch designers collective We Are Muze. Together with designers Jessica Joyce, Peterson Stoop, The Girl and the Machine and David Laport […]

Hellen van Rees carries Fair Made in Holland label

Since this summer Hellen van Rees started to carry the Fair Made in Holland Label (or FMiH, for short). The label is used to identify quality brands and garments made under fair circumstances in The Netherlands. We really support this initiative and hope this label will become an icon to be able to identify and […]

Textile Reflexes at Ars Electronica Festival

This fall the Textile Reflexes project will be part of the Wearsustain exhibition at Ars Electronica! The internationally unique festival of art, technology and society takes place amidst the public sphere in downtown Linz, Austria. From September 6-10 we’ll jointly investigate current technological and social interdependencies and their potential future manifestations. The stand for Textile […]

Vegan Fashion Show in London

On August 16th the first ever vegan fashion show in London will take place. The show is styled by the lovely Rebekah Roy, who actuallly was the stylist of Hellens first independent show at London Fashion Week, at Fashion Scout back in 2012! The vegan fashion show, Bare Fashion, is initiated by the magazine Vegan […]

Best Tech Idea 2018

The Textile Reflexes vest has been nominated by Dutch tech magazine ‘Kijk’ for best tech idea of 2018! There is a public vote, so help this reach #1 by voting for the ‘Corrigerend Robotvest’ Project Hellen van Rees did at the Designlab of the  University of Twente with researchers Geke Ludden & Angelika Mader. To […]

Inspired pop up concept store

Today is the official opening of the Inspired pop up concept store in Munich, Germany. The store is an initiative to highlight Dutch (fashion) designers who are working on contemporary sustainable designs. More than a store it Inspired aims to open dialogue and discussion by organizing workshops and seminars about relating subjects such as sustainability, […]