Article in Futures Magazine

Futures is the new magazine by the Designlab of the University of Twente (UT). Hellen van Rees has collaborated with the UT through the Designlab in several projects and presented her work on a number of occasions. To highlight the special position and role of the Designlab and the many interesting projects, they’ve published the magazine ‘Futures.’

“In the magazine Futures we selected some of the best stories that show how much impact we can make if we all join forces: scientists, students, policy makers, educators, entrepreneurs and of course citizens themselves.

Hellen has been interviewed about the collaborations, and about the Wearsustain project, in which she created a posture vest with researchers Angelika Mader and Geke Ludden, and the follow-up Pioneers in Healthcare project: the Wearable Breathing Trainer.

The online version of the magazine can be viewed here