TV programme “We Gaan Het Maken!”

On 1 March 2021, television broadcaster BNNVARA will launch a programme called ‘We Gaan Het Maken!’ (We’re going to make it!) on the NPO 1 channel. In this programme, researchers/creators help people with disabilities to find a solution that will change their lives. Hellen van Rees was asked by the University of Twente to participate, since […]


Sustainability in Tech – The Future of Fashion, Textiles, and Electronics with Wearable Tech – online, 4 Feb 6-7:30 CET What role can wearable and close-to-body technologies play in ensuring that the fashion, textiles, and electronics industries are sustainable? Hellen van Rees will be part of the expert panel alongside Max Marwede, researcher at Fraunhofer […]

Publication in ‘Nonwoven’

The Dutch “Textile Committee,” a non-profit organisation aiming to collect and spread knowledge on contemporary and historical textiles, published the 10th edition of “Studies in Textiel.” The book is a collection of articles on the theme ‘Nonwoven’ as a result of their symposium that took place earlier, with the same theme. Hellen van Rees gave […]

Article in Futures Magazine

Futures is the new magazine by the Designlab of the University of Twente (UT). Hellen van Rees has collaborated with the UT through the Designlab in several projects and presented her work on a number of occasions. To highlight the special position and role of the Designlab and the many interesting projects, they’ve published the […]

Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Desiugn Week (DDW) is a yearly highlight on the calendar, this year is no different, though it’s mostly digital due to COVID-19. Hellen van Rees is present at several locations, with several projects. The results of the Goinng Circular, Going Cellulose project is displayed in a virtual showroom. GCGC is aimed at collaboration […]

Keynote at EuroHaptics Conference

From September 6-9 the EuroHaptics conference will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands. Eurohaptics is a major international conference on haptics and touch enabled computer applications, and the primary European meeting for researchers in this field. Hellen was approached for a keynote talk at this conference. Keynote Title : Textiles as a medium for haptics […]

Exhibit at Museum Oyfo

Slowly we’re getting back to a more normal life, we can eat out, have small parties and museums are also starting to open their doors. While all was closed we’ve been working on an exhibit at the Oyfo Museum in Hengelo based on their textile industry collection. The museum recently re-opened premiering this work! The […]