Hellen van Rees is a Dutch Central Saint Martins trained fashion & textile designer and researcher. Her slow-fashion collection focuses on authentic, mostly handmade textiles, emphasising sustainability, resulting in recognizable contemporary garments. In research projects, Hellen specializes in the integration of technology in textiles and prototyping.

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Wearable Breathing Trainer

Crossdisciplinary project for children with asthma & breathing disorders. Hellen is responsible for the design of the wearable.

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We Gaan Het Maken – Wouter

For this TV programme Hellen works on a solution for Wouter, who is unable to leave is house because of his intolerance to daylight.

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Textile Festival Twente

Eight local museums initiated the Textile Festival Twente, to celebrate the historic significance of textile for the region. Hellen was asked to be the curator of the festival.

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