Square2: Exploring excitement

Spring/Summer 2013 is Hellen van Rees’ first collection as an independent fashion designer. The collection features handmade tweed fabrics created using factory remnants and recycled threads, three-dimensional threaded blocks creating a playful and futuristic silhouette. But this season is lighter and more buoyant than
before, with a move towards semi-transparent tweeds in new blends and colour combinations.
Hellen also uses new materials this season – a rubber-coated cotton with coloured sand, glitter and baking flour in it – to create a stark contrast with the ethereal handmade tweeds. Combined with silhouettes inspired by sportswear and the classic all-American cheerleader, Hellen’s S/S ’13 collection marks a new step forward for the designer. “There has been so much sport around us this year that I automatically started to include sporty elements like stripes into the garments. But I wanted the collection to be about excitement, since it’s a debut, and the cheerleader instantly came to mind – it’s über excitement.”

Photography: Christopher Dadley