The collection started as a research into ‘ugly’ colour combinations that through careful consideration and combination start making sense. Starting point for this were the paintings by William Turner and Caspar David Friedrich. It had led to a Chanel-inspired tweed version of mixed browns and green-ish colours, a touch of crimson and bright contrasting yellow and blue stripes.

Deepening the usual search for contrasts a coating was developed that has a creased surface and can be applied both on stretch and non stretchy fabrics. The idea of creases, mistakes, ugly stayed a leading theme for the collection adding a geometric shaped coating on a creased fabric so the openings of the creases are not covered is another version of a carefully considered ‘mistake’ that makes the garment more interesting in shape and surface.

This results in a dynamic collection with rich chunky knits and textures in wearable casually elegant silhouettes and garments.

A special addition to the collection are the jewellery pieces created in collaboration with the collective of goldsmiths ‘Goudsmid Galerie Nouverture.’ The pieces seamlessly add to the garments with their playfully irregular geometric shapes, mixing high gloss sharpness with added panels of yarn texture added by Van Rees.